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Aeon Flux - The Complete Animated Collection

Aeon Flux - The Complete Animated Collection
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Aeon Flux - The Complete Animated Collection

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Aeon Flux, the sexy secret agent extraordinaire that took MTV by storm is back on DVD! Follow the deftly skilled Aeon on her adventures through a futuristic world brimming with chaos and corruption. Experience every gripping episode of this cutting edge animated series like never before, as each episode has been digitally restored and has been bolstered with a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound audio track. Every aspect in the creation of The Complete Aeon Flux has been overseen and endorsed by original creator Peter Chung making this the definitive Aeon Flux collection.

Utopia or Deuteranopia

Trevor has an obsession with Aeon and tries to create a space in the ambassador's body (whose gone missing) for several days now. A Breen named Gildemere teams up with Aeon and tries to bring down Trevor and his evil ways, but instead Aeon turn on Gildemere as he is charged with the murder of the ambassador.


Aeon and Trevor play with two peoples life, Sybil and Onan, who are a couple trying to get to Monica, where it has more freedom. They are currently in Brenga, in which Trevor runs. When they both try to escape Onan is successful but Sybil is not. She breaks one of her spinal column and keeping her from falling apart or upright, she needs a device in which Trevor provides. Sybil decides she had enough of Aeon, Trevor and Onan and decides to try her jump into Monica again. Only to see a new device, that she help make, was planted there, cutting her legs off instead.

A Last Time For Everything

Aeon teams up with a double agent named Scafandra, who has hands on her feet. Trevor manages to create a cloning device and he manages to clone Aeon. Aeon then, we think, switch places with her clone but Trevor knows this. The "real" Aeon falls for Trevor, the "clone" Aeon tries to carry on. In the end things get too complicated to explain to the clone and the real Aeon allows herself to get killed as the "clone" runs away.

Ether Drift Theory

Aeon decides to help someone named Lindze, who is trying to get to Bargeld, the man she loves. Who was working with Trevor in a lab somewhere in the middle of a fluid. The fluid puts you in suspend. Bargeld managed to find a "cure" for the fluid, turning it to water. In the end things get complicated and Aeon gets taken over by the fluid as the lab surroundings decays.

The Purge

Aeon tries to stop a criminal named Bambara. Trevor has a new robot looking thing, called the custodian that gives you a conscience. It enters in though your naval. Aeon teams up with a group of people wanting to stop Trevor as well.

The Demiurge

Aeon is afraid of a thing that Trevor managed to acquire. This things acts as a god with peaceful intentions but Aeon wants to destroy it.

Isthmus Crypticus

Aeon is trying to free two bird like creatures (a male and female). The thing is Trevor feels for the female one but she ends up dying. The male on the other hand ends up with Aeon's friend Una, as they soar into the sky.


There is a creature called Narghile that produces a pellet that erases human memories. Rorty and Muriel vows to get rid of these creatures by launching them into the sun. Muriel ends up dying and Aeon, out of guilt, takes her place as Rorty and her try to finish it out. Rorty finds out (from Aeon) that Muriel was cheating on him with Trevor, which he doesn't believe at first. He gets proof himself and can't deal with it. So, he takes the pellet erasing all of his human memories about Aeon, the pellet and Muriel.


Aeon is caught in a time loop, in a lab in the jungle somewhere. The reason she was going to the lab was, she was planning to save a test subject but go more than she bargined for. She encounters a little boy, who seems to be the cause of all of this. He wants her, but not in a sexual way, in a motherly figure way. We end the episode, as if they are in another dimesion (in the past) as Aeon drives this little boy (presumbaly her son) to baseball practice.

End Sinister

Trevor encounters a device that could wipe out the entire world but Aeon stops him. They both encounter an alien in which Trevor is very interested in. Trevor decides to go back with the alien to their planet and Aeon decides to wait for him, (Trevor) in the very same pod the alien had travel in. Years, (presumably hundreds) past and Aeon wakes up. She notices that the "aliens" had taken over earth and that Trevor is still alive. She then uses the device, (from the beginning) killing the entire race. What Aeon later finds out is that these alien creatures were actually humans. We end as the final words are spoken by Trevor, "It's the evolution of the revolution... may the best man win.

Runtime: 224
# of Discs: 3

Product Details
Actors:Denise Poirier, John Rafter Lee, Julia Fletcher, Steffan Chirazi, Alex Fernandez
Format:Multiple Formats, Animated, Box set, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC
Number of Discs:3
Studio:Paramount / MTV
Run Time:224 minutes
DVD Release Date:November 22, 2005
Average Customer Rating: based on 133 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 133 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

162 of 165 found the following review helpful:

5An impressive collection of this groundbreaking show.  Nov 29, 2005 By Cubist
MTV wanted to branch out in the 1990s and get away from music programming. In particular, they wanted to produce late night programming for a young adult audience. The result was a collection of animated shows collectively known as Liquid Television. Aeon Flux originally got its start as a series of animated short films on Liquid T.V. in 1992. It was a clever mix of dialogue-less wall-to-wall action and an intriguing science fiction premise that was popular enough to spawn a ten-episode series in 1995.

Chung has digitally remastered all of the episodes and they have never looked or sounded better. The colours are much more vibrant and the animation style more clearly defined with shadows fleshed out creating an even more cinematic vibe. What is so striking about Aeon Flux is that it refuses to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It features very intricately plotted and complex stories and sneaks in all sorts of fantastical creations (including spider-like robots and deadly genetically engineered assassins with four arms), suggestive sexual references and the level of violence that you wouldn't find on regular television. Along with The Maxx and The Head, Aeon Flux was adventurous programming for the alternative nation. It was produced at a time when alternative culture was making serious inroads into the mainstream and it is doubtful that we will see its likes again from MTV.

The first two discs feature several audio commentaries with creator Peter Chung and key creative crew members (including the voice of Aeon Flux herself, Denise Poirier). However, most of them are tedious as Chung is not the most eloquent or interesting speaker. He dominates most of the tracks so that everyone else has to fight to get a word in edge-wise. While it is clear that he is trying to articulate his intentions on these tracks they are punctuated with so many "Ums" and "Ahs" that it becomes very annoying to listen past the halfway mark.

The real extras come into play on the third disc which features the brilliant pilot episode with optional commentary by Chung and music and sound designer Drew Neumann. We are presented with a world that is plagued with a deadly virus as Aeon fights her way to an antidote.

"Aeon Flux Shorts" (again with optional commentary by Chung and Neumann) features Aeon on various missions all of which she dies. In some episodes she lasts to the end in others, she is killed off at the beginning and this keeps the viewer constantly on edge anticipating how she is going to be killed.

"Investigation: The History of Aeon Flux" takes a look at how this innovative series originated. Chung had been working on Rugrats and was approached by Liquid T.V. to do a Spy vs. Spy type animated show. He had already been working on the pilot in a rough form.

"The Deviant Devices of Aeon Flux" examines the various weapons and gadgets that she uses in the show with narration provided by her.

"Production Art" is a collection of sketches, model sheets, storyboards and pencil tests of character designs, props, backgrounds and so on.

"Other Works by Peter Chung" features a promo he did for MTV Loaded, an ad for an Aeon Flux CD ROM and a cool commercial for the Honda Coupe Mission.

Finally, there is a collection of "Liquid Television Shorts" that appeared on this show in the `90s.

91 of 94 found the following review helpful:

5This collection DOES include ALL episodes of the series.  Nov 23, 2005 By prettygirlsblues "prettygirlsblues"
There's been some confusion over if this dvd collection will contain all of the Aeon FLux episodes. I'm happy to say that the three dvds do in fact have the whole series. Here's a quick breakdown-

Aeon Flux ran 16 episodes in total:

-1 twelve minute pilot

-5 five minute shorts (Gravity, Night, Leisure, Tide, and War)

-10 thirty minute episodes (Utopia or Deutoronopia, Isthmus Crypticus, Thanatophobia, A Last Time For Everything, The Demiurge, Reraizure, Chronophasia, Ether Drift Theory, The Purge, End Sinister)

The first two discs in the collection contain all 10 thirty minute episodes. The third disc contains the pilot and the remaining 5 five minute episodes.

*NOTE- For some reason the short NIGHT was renamed MIRROR, but it is the exact same short as the original release.*

I hope this clears up all the confusion and makes Aeon fans very happy!

45 of 46 found the following review helpful:

4More about what's on each tape  Jun 04, 2001
None so far have really commented on exactly what episodes are on which tapes, so here's a rundown on what's where. These do indeed have all televised material from season 1, 2 and 3.
Tape 1, "Aeon Flux" (also on DVD) has four episodes from season 3, each preceded by a short from season 2, and concluding with a combined collection of the original 6 Liquid TV shorts as one 12min episode. Long shows: Thanatophobia, a Last Time for Everything, the Purge, Isthmus Crypticus. Shorts: Gravity, Leisure, Tide, War, and the combined LTV shorts.
Tape 2 "Mission Infinite" has three long episodes: Reraizure, Chronophasia, End Sinister.
Tape 3 "Operative Terminus" has the remaining three long episodes, and one season 2 short at the end. Long: Utopia or Deutoronopia, the Demiurge, Etherdrift Theory. Short: Night.
Those recalling the original broadcasts may note that these tapes do not have the episodes in the same order as originally televised.... as to whether this makes a difference to the experience is, of course, a mater of opinion. Look for fan sites with complete episode guides to get the original order, then see what you think.

91 of 99 found the following review helpful:

5dialogue changes restore Peter Chung's original intentions  Nov 28, 2005 By Amazon Customer
For those upset about the re-recorded dialogue, here's an explanation from Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung:

'There are places where we recorded new dialogue; I brought back the writers who worked on the original show and we wnet over the scripts and tweaked the dialogue again, and in some cases brought it back to what it originally was supposed to be because MTV had asked us to change it and the version that was on the air was actually something that did not reflect our original intentions anyway. So I know that people who consider themselves purists will say "why did you tamper with it? We want the original version." Well, the version that was on the show was not the original version, you know - that's the version that MTV tampered with. So what you're getting on the DVD is something that's closer to what [we originally intended].'

19 of 21 found the following review helpful:

5Peter Chung is a master of animation as well as a clever storyteller  Nov 28, 2005 By R. Hall "Dazed Genoshan"
Aeon Flux is a science-fiction and animation masterpiece born of the same vein as A Brave New World, Wizards, 1984 and Dune in its emphasis on political commentary over pulp space opera action sequences. The political and social commentary is actually more apt today than it was when it was first written, almost to the point where it seems to be an eerie foreshadowing of events that were play out in the real world. This is not to say that the world Peter Chung created in Aeon Flux is not a fascinating and unique fantasy world, as it is filled with classic and innovative science fiction elements.

About the show: Aeon Flux started out as a series of shorts on the show Liquid TV at a time when MTV actually possessed a good measure of creativity and innovative talent, something which today seems utterly implausible. The shorts have no dialogue, and instead the genius musical score and sound effects flesh out the plots of these often brutally violent stories. Yet in the series, the majority of the conflict is emotional and intellectual rather than physical, as it arises between Aeon Flux and Trevor Goodchild (the only reoccurring characters) due to their severely complex love-hate relationship and their polarized world views. The brilliance behind Aeon Flux, aside from the unique and sublime animation (Chung is my favorite animator), is its ability to prevent either of the two main characters (and hence the two view-points represented) from being more sympathetic than the other. This is true in the shorts as well, showing Aeon as the hero at first glance, then as a cruel butcher from the eyes of other characters. In its presentation no one in Aeon Flux is definitively right or wrong, their actions simply are, and the implications are determined by the audience. Is Aeon a freedom fighter or a terrorist? Is Trevor a cruel dictator or a benevolent leader? There are no set or distinct heroes or villains in Aeon Flux, the characters are presented as they are, complicated and powerful personalities struggling to do what they think is the right thing.

About the Collection: This collection includes all 10 episodes of the series, all of the shorts that inspired the series (which alone make this worth your money), a few featurettes, and a bonus episode of the ground-breaking MTV animation showcase Liquid TV, where the Aeon Flux shorts first aired. The commentaries mostly provide details of production and inspiration, but Peter Chung expressly avoids interpretation of any of the plots.

About the Changes: A few things have been altered from the original MTV airings, but none of these re-edits alter the stories or the overall message presented therein. Some of the effects have been upgraded with digital technology to clean up the animation's quality, but it is a far cry from what some critics claim to be a George Lucas-like tampering (no new characters were slipped in and the stories remain exactly as they were). The change in dialogue has been criticized quite a bit, but anyone who actually bothered to watch the DVD collection would realize that these changes are few and far between and are NOT done for political correctness. The "new" dialogue is hardly politically correct; it is the uncensored scripting that wasn't allowed on TV. The change here is no different than DVD releases of other shows that remove the bleeps of profanities, except the altered dialogue is not profane but more serious and biting than what MTV allowed out of fear of offending the audience. So the change is actually a removal of political correctness and censorship, not the other way around.

Overall I highly recommend this item to fans of animation, political and social commentary, and those who enjoyed Aeon Flux when it aired ages ago on MTV. However, from what I have seen of the movie it looks quite different from the series, with more physical rather than intellectual action. So any who are looking to buy this purely based on the movie and subsequent video game might be disappointed, but I still have nothing but the highest praises for Aeon Flux as both a pinnacle of animation and deep story telling. Also, for those of you who are fans of Peter Chung or even Alexander the Great or Greek history, I recommend that you check out Reign the Conqueror, a beautiful and intricate take on the story of Alexander the Great by Peter Chung.

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