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Awkward: Season 2

Awkward: Season 2

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Awkward: Season 2

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"Awkward" is about the specific incidents in our formative years that define us, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. The show centers around fifteen-year-old Jenna Hamilton, whose life changes when a simple accident becomes a misunderstanding of epic proportions that leads everyone to believe she tried to commit suicide. Season one concluded with Jenna choosing Jake over Matty and the stunning revelation that Jenna's mom wrote the carefrontation letter. Season two will pick up in the aftermath of these momentous events, exploring the theme of resolution as Jenna begins to examine her relationships with her family, friends, and the two guys she's torn between.

Product Details
Actors:Ashley Rickards, Beau Mirchoff, Nikki DeLoach, Jillian Rose Reed, Brett Davern
Number of Discs:2
Run Time:344 minutes
DVD Release Date:October 16, 2012
Average Customer Rating: based on 662 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 662 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

29 of 30 found the following review helpful:

5engaging, entertaining & Funny!  Sep 23, 2012 By Randal Greenwood
My 24 year old daughter talked me into watching this show on MTV with her. I thought there was no way I would enjoy this show because I'm a 63 year old male and a grandfather. Just one episode of season two had me hooked. To my amazement the show sucked me right into the world created by the great writing and acting by this cast. The show is funny, cleverly written, with a slew of twists and turns that keeps me guessing and entertained. The episodes are only a half an hour long but they fly by leaving me eager to see what will happen next. It's become my guilty pleasure. I wish they were an hour long!
The show brings back all those anxieties, crushes, what ifs, and pitfalls many of us have experienced in high school. Yet keeps you entertained and laughing through every twist and turn. It makes me wish I could go back and live those high school and college years again. Give this show a try and you'll be glad you did.

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5For Adults Too.  Oct 05, 2012 By Book girl Eva
I love this show. When It first came out, I was not interested, but ended up watching an episode that came on in the middle of the day. I couldn't believe how funny it was. Here is a show that can be appreciated by everyone. Some one my age (31) who can look back on my high school years and be thankful they are over, while finding humor in the situation. Anyone my age probably had a mean girl like Sadie who would say something hateful to people (but at least she says Your Welcome after) and made you hate her and think that she was a bad person. On the show you see that while Sadie says terrible things, she is very human and you end up relating to the mean girl. Some one high school age can relate the characters and experiences that they may be having right now. They should be able to see the humor in the situation and maybe feel not so alone. Is the show over the top, yes, and some much better for it. All of the characters are very different from each other but compliment each other well. I love following Jenna on her journey through the mess that is high school and hope to have more

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5awwwwwwkward!  Aug 03, 2013 By Amazon Customer
I thought I'd give this show a try, but then wanted more, more, more! So genuinely sweet and hilarious. I couldn't get enough! I watched every show, every season. I feel a little awkward admitting it!

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Fun TV show!  Aug 04, 2013 By ann wieczorek
This show becomes adicitive to watch. Sometimes it is makes you laugh and others you want to scream. The actors do a very good job keeping you wanting to help with their problems. Great acting! Good laughs.

6 of 7 found the following review helpful:

5It's my guilty pleasure...  Jan 22, 2014 By asembl_adam
I went to a high school with over 4,000 students. Although there were some cliques, we didn't have 'jocks,' we didn't have 'nerds', nor was I even part of any particular group for too long. I played the stereotypical role of a traditional teenage male - a fight or two here, a position on the student gov't, and overall good grades. With the exception of the theater program, my life was boring. Not that I didn't do anything fun - it's just that I didn't do anything exciting, I didn't do anything I wanted. I was afraid to take risks and be vulnerable. I regret that. I tried things that 'someone in my position' would try, not the things I truly wanted to be exploring.

I didn't have a passionate relationship (not even a moderately passionate one) - simply because I was stuck with the idea of 'who would want me.' I didn't give myself a chance. I didn't have many close friends (I had a ton of "friends" - who I haven't heard from since graduation) - simply because I was afraid to open up, thinking they would laugh (or worse, not care) about what I felt. I regret that.

Watching this show bring back all those memories, and although I cannot go back in time and re-live (emphasis on the live) my teenage years, I can take it as a learning experience and enjoy each day from now on.

A piece of advice for anyone in high school, or those who are living in some sort of closet of their own: open up. Putting on a mask for others might make them like the mask, but it can never make them (or you) like you. The person behind the mask (i.e. you) is much more unique, much more creative, with deeper feelings and stronger emotions. The person behind the mask is just that...a person. One who is allowed to love, allowed to cry, allowed to hate, allow to be down and allowed to feel high. The only thing that keeps all that locked up is the mask - and it's a worthless mask, a mask of shame, a mask of 'you're not good enough.' Don't wait until the only option in your sight is to put the gun against the mask and shoot- and shoot, forgetting that behind that ugly mask lived a beautiful person.

Take off the mask, and get to know yourself. It might not be love at first sight, but I promise it will be one that will last a lifetime.

(Btw, I would have chosen Jake if I were her...just sayin'.)

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