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Celebrity Rehab: Season 4

Celebrity Rehab: Season 4
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Celebrity Rehab: Season 4

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Addiction specialist Dr. Drew returns for a FOURTH season of Celebrity Rehab to once again face the intense task of helping a new group of celebrity patients in their quest for sobriety.

As the patients check in, Dr. Drew first lands them at the Pasadena Recovery Center, then meets with them individually to examine the role that their addictions play in their lives. As the patients detox and the intense physical and emotional withdrawal begins, one of the patients suffers from a severe panic attack and even contemplates suicide.

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Product Details
Actors:Dr. Drew Pinksy, Jason Davis, Janice Dickinson, Leif Garrett, Jeremy London
Number of Discs:4
Run Time:126 minutes
DVD Release Date:February 24, 2011
Average Customer Rating: based on 15 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 15 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5A+ Dr. Drew and Rehab PLUS a real look at Janice Dickinson  Jan 31, 2015 By Mary L. Williams
The reason I gave this 5 stars is because I think everyone should watch it. The first reason: Janice Dickinson. In light of her claims of being raped by Bill Cosby, every episode of Season 4 reveals her as the self-centered, caustic, media w---- she really is. None of us have any way of knowing what really happened to the other women Cosby alledgedly raped, but the allegations made by Janice Dickinson weakens their cases. Dickinson admits to having been addicted to drugs for the previous 26 years, which would include the year of her alledged attack - 1982. To this day she claims to have been the "first supermodel" even though this has been debunked by all reliable sources - just check Google. The sad truth is that in her mind, addled by years of drug use, she actually believes everything she says. On his current program on HLN: "Dr. Drew on Call", he stands behind Dickinson's allegations without ever having mentioned his treatment of her as a patient. The second reason you should watch this DVD, or any other season of Celebrity Rehab, is that this was Dr. Drew at his best. He and his assistants, including Bob Forrester (sp) really did help a great many people. Not just the celebrities but many people watching at home. I have been sober since 1985 - 30 years - and watching this series always reminded me how important it was to remain sober. Mike Starr and Mackenzie Phillips appear in an episode as success stories from previous seasons of the show. We all know Mike Starr relapsed on heroin several times and finally died of an overdose, but for every critic who brings up the 7 celebrities that have died since this series aired, no one remembers all the people like Mackenzie Phillips who are sober to this day, and that number probably reaches into the 100's. I admired Dr. Drew during the period this series aired. Any season of this series teaches real-life lessons about the importance of seeking help for addiction and the benefit of the support in rehab. [Although I feel Dr. Drew has lost credibility by doing the show on HLN, I realize he is putting his triplets through college at this point in time. So maybe I shouldn't be so hard on him. It certainly doesn't take away from all of the good he's done in the past.]

5By being on shows like this, they probably get the help they need ...  Dec 29, 2014 By Dawna Tracey-Armstrong
Sure, people may say this exploits people at the lowest point in their lives.
By being on shows like this, they probably get the help they need without having to pay for it - in fact they get paid to be in it. This kind of show can and should be a warning to people who use some of these serious substances. This kind of show shows what's involved in rehab, and that it's not a perfect cure. People have to be responsible for their own recovery to a large degree.
Also, by having various stars who most people have some connection to personalises the shows. I especially relate to Mackenzie Philips (Season 3)... and the rock musicians.

5Stand Proud  Jan 28, 2014 By Creativeblock
Having grown up in an alcoholic home I actually felt for these folks! Although its not easy living with an alcoholic its much harder being the addict. You can say what you want but each one of these people are brave and should be very proud of themselves. It takes guts to admit you have a problem, it takes bravery to try and quit and especially in front of the world

5Love watching Dr Drew deal with spoiled  Nov 29, 2014 By Beverly Pressgrove "Trauma RN"
Love watching Dr Drew deal with spoiled, but very sick celebrities.. And then to see their transformation is amazing! So glad Dr Drew does what he does!

5great  Mar 15, 2013 By Winfield Hancock
Very compelling and interesting series. You can really get into the patients and their problems. Dr.Drew really has an impact on their lives.

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