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I Just Want My Pants Back


I Just Want My Pants Back: Season 1

I Just Want My Pants Back: Season 1
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I Just Want My Pants Back: Season 1

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Jason Strider and his friends grapple with dating, sex, and surviving as adults. They care more about hanging with each other, going to bars and hooking up than their entry level jobs, but when a one night stand steals Jason's heart and his pants, he begins a quest to get his beloved jeans back - and hopefully the girl - while growing up along the way.

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Product Details
Actors:Peter Vack, Kim Shaw, Elisabeth Hower, Jordan Carlos, Sunkrish Bala
Director:Jace Alexander
Number of Discs:2
Run Time:176 minutes
DVD Release Date:April 17, 2012
Average Customer Rating: based on 13 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:5.0 ( 13 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5Another great show gone too soon.Thanks MTV  May 31, 2012 By BRIAN STEVENS
MTV has produced some great scripted series in the last year or so(Awkward is a great example. i just want my pants back is another terrific example(please MTV change your mind on cancellation of this show).the show has a small but terrific cast. Kim Shaw is the standout of the show, she gets the one liners and delivers everytime. the basic premise is young adults trying to make it out in the real world(pun intended). every episode was hilarious.whats great about the show is that it doesnt go over the top. keeps it real while still being gonna miss jason,tina,stacey,eric,bobby,and jb(played by chris parnell)Come on Mtv. how about canceling one of the many jersey shore spinoffs or teen mom and keep an actual entertaining series. a definite 5 star series.

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5A Bright Comedy About Relationships And The Path To Adulthood: MTV Gets It Right, But No One Notices  Jul 14, 2012 By K. Harris "Film aficionado"
In a million years, I never thought I'd be heralding MTV as a choice purveyor of fine scripted series. But after a hit or miss record, the last year brought forth a wealth of worthy entertainment. With the teen angst supernatural thriller "Teen Wolf" and the spot-on teen angst comedy "Awkward," the network seemed to be providing what people wanted to see. While I love both of these shows (for different reasons), I have a special spot in my heart for the two shows that flew more under the radar. Coincidentally, neither had to do with teen angst--maybe that's the deciding factor. The delightful monster mash-up "Death Valley" and the urban relationship comedy "I Just Want My Pants Back" both provided more laughs than most of contemporary television. And I'm not sure anyone noticed. Instead of trying to cultivate an audience, though, MTV has treated these two like red headed stepchildren. Neither were even given proper DVD releases which, I'm convinced, would have helped develop their status as worthy cult hits. "I Just Want My Pants Back" (just like Death Valley) is only being provided in a DVD-R on-demand format which means they'll press the discs when you order it and the shows will never see the light of day as an actual release that someone might find and enjoy by accident.

In truth, there's nothing particularly revelatory in the set-up of "I Just Want My Pants Back." It centers around a quartet of post-collegiate aged young adults trying to survive in the big city. Of course, this means random hook-ups, lots of partying, and a struggle to pay the rent with whatever job happens along. What distinguishes the show, however, is the likable cast and the sardonic humor. For the most part, these self-obsessed and culturally referential friends might be a bit too clever for their own good, but the stars make even their silliest endeavors more charming than they have any right to be. Peter Vack is terrific as the lovelorn lead and he plays well off his best gal pal Kim Shaw. Vack and Shaw have great chemistry and their banter is fast, furious, and very funny. They make very believable friends as they run on the same wavelength. Vack scores with the perfect woman in the first episode and deciding that it is love at first sight, he is stunned when he finds out she gave him a misleading phone number. Oh, and she borrowed his pants (hence the title). The show plays as a quest for this mystery woman at times, but it is more about the core friendships.

In addition to Shaw and Vack, a coupled pair (Elizabeth Hower and Jordan Carlos) play a slightly more mature influence. But the stresses of trying to make it in this harsh world takes its toll on the young couple with frequency. Several recurring characters also make their mark. Chris Parnell is (as usual) perfect and hysterical as Vack's questionable employer and Sunkrish Bala gets a lot of great one-liners as a convenience store proprietor. While many of the plots are silly in just the right way, this is far less about what happens than about how the characters groove together. The dialogue is sharp and made me laugh out loud often. What more do you want really? Vack has an easy charm, I hope to see him move on to more prominent roles. And Shaw is deliciously deadpan. I really did love this show, I just wish it was more readily available to be appreciated by a new audience. About 4 1/2 stars, I'll round up for Vack's emergence as the year's unlikeliest romantic lead. KGHarris, 7/12.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Great while it lasted  Sep 06, 2013 By Bradley P. Valentine "Ears picking up the slack so my eyes can work."
Look, it isn't actually a five star show. But it was a REALLY really good one anyway, full of actors too early in their careers to hide behind a lot of lazy actor tricks but who were strong and skilled, too. It was a show that was what so many shows have since tried to be, and I just don't get why a network wouldn't indulge it at least one more season to see what happened. I suspect maybe because it was too smart and maybe aimed a little older than the children Mtv court these days. I know Mtv always wanted kids as viewers, but Mtv at some point turned into a witch from a fairytale that tries to keep the children from ever growing up, haha.

One observation. these kids have a hell of a lot more sex than I suspect any normal people have. I don't mean that as in I'm just ugly and unlucky, I'm not. I mean like I would worry about these people if I were friends with them. In real life they'd be like crying for help with the number of partners they kept. I think the show maybe was written by the less lucky of us and perhaps over estimated what constitutes an active sexual lifestyle? I don't know.

Watch this! I would rate this with my favorite shows even today, and it has been a few years since I saw this.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Great underrated show that was cancelled far too soon  Sep 15, 2014 By DJ
Great underrated show that was cancelled far too soon. Likable, characters you can relate to. Definitely something I would re-watch and try to get other people to watch too.

5great find  Mar 29, 2015 By M. FUSCO "yawnmower"
Absolutely delightful series from MTV about a group of young people just starting out in New York City. Peter Vack is not only beautiful, but a joy to watch in his acting and subtle, humorous, self-deprecating character. I had seen him in the Amazon production of Mozart in the Jungle and I found this series -- his first, I believe -- as a result.

Reminiscent of MTV's great series, Undressed, but even more fun.

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