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Jackass Number Two (Full Screen Edition)

Jackass Number Two (Full Screen Edition)
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Jackass Number Two (Full Screen Edition)

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Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O and the entire crew from the popular MTV franchise return in the most insane DVD of the year, jackass number two. Available in both rated and "too hot for theaters" unrated versions, jackass number two pushes the limits with all-new stunts, pants-wetting practical jokes, fun with bears, bees, snakes, bulls, sharks…and other REALLY bad ideas.

Product Details
Actors:Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn
Director:Jeff Tremaine
Format:Multiple Formats, AC-3, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC, Subtitled
Subtitle:English, Spanish
Number of Discs:1
Studio:Paramount / MTV
Run Time:92 minutes
DVD Release Date:December 26, 2006
Average Customer Rating: based on 280 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 280 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

26 of 28 found the following review helpful:

5I SHOULD BE ASHAMED, BUT I LOVED IT!  Aug 03, 2008 By Linda Lou "OCD over books, listening to 1 a day; ANY genre, fact & fiction. Influenced by Audible reviewers so I keep mine unbiased - FRONT to BLACK!"
I am 58 years old and would never have watched this movie even if it promised to make me look like Halle Berry. But my 25 year-old son was in the living room, cackling like a hen when I passed through on my way to the kitchen. Holding his side, he begged me to come and what this one scene. Reluctantly and with great trepidation I did. More than an hour later, I was still in front of the television, laughing my butt off.

I can't even say why this movie is funny because it is sooooo ridiculous. And there are parts where I'm glad that I wasn't eating even birthday cake at the time (wait a minute - I WAS eating a piece of my own birthday cake and had to put it down to keep from blowing chunks). Even the "actors" in this flick blew a few more times than a woman with morning sickness. It is that nasty in places. Even the cameramen, often in helmets, were repulsed at times.

However, at the end of the movie, I was hoarse and my body sore from laughing. The next morning, I had muscles hurting that I didn't even know I had. Some of the scenes just defied imagination. I came of age during a time of LSD and none of these things came to mind among that generation. WHAT WERE THESE GUYS ON?!

If you are just looking for a rip-snorting, mindless good time, check out this movie. With all that is going on in the world right now, you can do this for 93 minutes. In the meantime, I will be watching the first installment.

28 of 32 found the following review helpful:

5Get yourself a good lawyer  Feb 06, 2008 By the gunner "The GUNNER"
Jackass II: The Movie

Jackass II: The Movie is made up even more outrageous dumb, mindless pranks you'd expect of an infantile college fraternity without any adult supervision.

The movie including the DVD is not without merit, however. If you still have an annoying neighbor with teenage boys this might make an ideal Christmas present. You'd want to give it anonymously, of course.

Sure there are warnings throughout the movie DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. You and I both know that a teenage boy is going to ignore those and try them anyway. That's where the anonymity comes in handy, Nobody can sue you.

Highly recommended for people with annoying teenage boys as neighbors and for any teenage boy you just don't like very much.

Gunner February, 2008

56 of 68 found the following review helpful:

4Good Clean Violent Gay Fun  Oct 01, 2006 By Chris Roberts "Chris Roberts"
I liked "Jackass" and I liked this new one even better. What Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of idiots have done brilliantly is use this countries political correctness against them. They know what is funny far better than the PC crowd. Terrorists, funny. Naked grandmas, funny. People hurting themselves, funny. For years we have been adding things to our "Not Funny" list and thus eliminating them from our movies. That means that our multiplexes are filling up with toothless, light-hearted films masquerading as comedies. In an ad for this film a crowded theater filled with people engaging in uproarious laughter is showed. Then the ad asks when the last time was that you had an experience like that. My guess is that it wasn't during "Rumor Has It," or "Big Momma's House 2," or "Just My Luck." So the way I see it the Jackass gang is reminding us what it's like to laugh. Or put another way, they're bringing funny back.

That is not to say that all of their stunts are golden. Some, such as the medicine ball dodge ball, seem uninspired. Others were too much for me to handle. I could've lived without the leech on the eyeball, and the fish hook, and especially the horse milk. But without trying everything they may never have come across more hilarious ones such as the puppet show and the bungee jump. The best were the pranks with Spike Jonze as a naked grandma and Johnny Knoxville as a bad grandpa. The one where the bad grandpa gets in a fight with a "hippie" over his parenting technique was divine. And I ask you, who is the real jackass in that stunt, Knoxville or the nosy pedestrian who is being Punk'd? I also think Knoxville should get some credit for holding this film together. His flair for theatrics has gotten better since the original, probably due to his movie star experiences. And that cackling laughter of his works the same way as a laugh track on a sitcom. I mean if the guy with his arm in the bear trap is having the time of his life then why aren't you? I did feel at times that the directing was too polished. It should have been grittier so as not to nullify the pain these people were in.

If all stupid movies were as much fun as this one I would never complain about the dumbing down of Hollywood. I can't remember the last time 95 minutes went by so quickly. I do wonder if parents still think video games are quite as harmful as they used to. Back in the day playing outside meant tossing the football around with the neighbors. Today it means riding a shopping cart into a brick wall. I would never have the nerves of steel, or desire, to swim with sharks, but I had a blast watching these guys do it. Finally, I would like to officially state that I will be first in line as soon as they make number 3 (whatever that means). ***3/4

10 of 12 found the following review helpful:

5Funniest movie EVER!!!!!!!!  Sep 30, 2006
Saying this movie was really funny is an understatement to how funny this movie really is. This movie will have u laugh, cringe and make you throw up in a good way all at the same time. Now like people who saw the movie said there are definately scenes that you may look away from because of how disgusting they are. So I will tell you some of the funniest non nude stunts in the movie. There are a lot. One of the funniest is the firehose rodeo where Dave England actually rides a firehose and flies off of it. How he walks right after he flew off is hilarious. Another stunt is one that was pulled as a prank on the Jackass crew. There was this sign on the wall of them being here. What they don't know is there is a punching bag right behind it. Another funny one involved Brandon Novak and when he skied down the stairway in April and Phil's house, and there was of course the Phil switcheroo where Phil is replaced by a sex craved other Phil,There was also the infamous Rocket scene where Knoxville flies 60 feet in the air and lands into the water. There was also the Gauntlet where people try to avoid sandbags and they all get hurt. There was also the rocket shopping cart and the jet propelled bike where Matt Hoffman nails a sick move. and the funniest was the bungee jump. Where Preston Lacy was anchoring Wee man for the bungee jump and well lets say he gave way. Now this movie does get 5 stars but there is at least 2 problems with the movie that will most likely appear on the dvd in deleted scenes one that was never shown in the movie was where all the guys dress up as animals and go all around India, and the other which was advertised in the trailer was the infamous tooth pool thing involving Don Vito. I was a little bit disapointed that wasn't in the movie, but other then that it was the greatest movie I've ever seen. Don't listen to those guys that said it was bad. Go see it even a Jackass hater may like this movie.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Good Not So Clean Fun  Aug 12, 2007 By seaphilo
Okay....let's say it right now and get it over with. There shouldn't be a Jackass Number 3 because, based on what you see here, there is a bar that probably can't be hurdled.

Knoxville does the impossible and rides a giant rocket a la Wile E. Coyote. Can that be surpassed? Pontius creates all new internet debates as to whether or not a certain stunt qualified as bestiality or a simple homosexual act. I don't think anyone is willing to follow in those footsteps.

Great stuff in this movie....I nearly wet myself with laughter watching the John Waters/Make WeeMan Disappear trick. Other good material consisted of the Pontius/Knoxville/angry tree boa Puppet Show, bungee jumping with Preston and WeeMan, the Musical Number, fun with cattle, and don't forget the bonus material! A lot of footage that didn't make it into the film itself, but....educational to say the least. Anything where John Waters is present is going to be...different, let us say.

My one real dislike of the movie came about during the Terror Taxi segment. The stunt went on too long, and in light of the world we live in today, not all that funny. Guys, putting shaved body hair on someone's face and calling it a fake beard is hilarious....getting into a cab going to an airport and making veiled references is just plain stupid and not very sensitive. Another skit(s) that made me think along the lines of 'didn't we just do this about 10 minutes ago?' were the ones involving Old People with Exposed Body Parts. They got redundant and in my opinion distracted somewhat from the rest of the movie with their frequency.

Based on the above dislikes this movie would only rate about 4 stars, but the bonus material more than pays for the dvd and makes up for those shortcomings, hence a full 5 for this product.

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