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Jersey Shore: Season 2 (Uncensored)

Jersey Shore: Season 2 (Uncensored)
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Jersey Shore: Season 2 (Uncensored)

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  • Box set; Color; DVD; NTSC


The eight housemates of Jersey Shore are back for another season of GTL, fist pumping, and battling grenades. But this time the party has moved south to Miami Beach. The area code may have changed, but the drama remains the same. The Situation, Vinny and Pauly D give MVP a whole new meaning; Snooki continues her search for the perfect gorilla juicehead while Jwoww tries to keep her out of trouble; Sammi and Ron pick up right where they left off; and Angelina can't help but stir things up. MVP will be creepin', Ron Ron juice will be flowin', and Snooki will be Snookin' on Season Two of Jersey Shore.

Product Details
Actors:Mike "The Situation", Snooki
Format:Multiple Formats, Box set, Color, NTSC
Number of Discs:4
Run Time:710 minutes
DVD Release Date:December 28, 2010
Average Customer Rating: based on 70 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 70 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

7 of 10 found the following review helpful:

3There Might Be Something to This...  Apr 24, 2011 By GM
None of these guys or girls would be described as geniuses, but the editors of this show might be. Jersey Shore is MTV's biggest hit, and it's status is not entirely undeserved. Much like the Real World, the show groups together young 20-somethings to live together in an idyllic life pretty much filled with clubbing and rarely a BS job (I can tell you for a fact you won't be able to afford a place like that in Miami as a grunt selling ice cream).

Snooki is the show's beloved breakout character, ditzy well beyond a valley girl, but also kind of the heart of the franchise. Naturally a charmer who doesn't pick physical fights, she is socially savvy and finds herself in quite a few scuffles. Sammy and Ron can pretty much be seen as the definition of an Abusive relationship. Ron cheats, verbally abuses, and lies to Sammy with abandon, Sammy the codependent responds with adoration and loyalty. Mike "The Situation" has no brain, but is good with the ladies and thinks he's cool. Vinny's the "nice guy," kind of an apprentice of the other two boys, but still clinging on to a semblance of morality. Pauly D is the oldest of the crew, but ironically the loudest. Jwoww might be alpha female, tough as nails, kind of the hard side of Snooki's softness. Angelina is the omega, outcast, but vicious in her desperation.

This isn't intellectual stuff by any trace of the imagination. But it is well put-together and edited. Often, the show plays tricks with what has happened and what is happened. As one roommate lies to another, the show quickly flashes back to prior events to display the outrageous bending of truth taking place. While it's not moral, it is an active lifestyle, and the editing briskly moves through the highlights (perhaps lowlights) of the lives of these young people. To the savvy viewer, one can take small lessons. How for example, the abusive Ron and Sammy pair team up on those who intervene on an abusive dual psychosis. How, despite being brainless, the crew is reproductively successful for other reasons. A lot of the fights, pathologically driven, are hilarious, as are the cast's not-too-bright observations on life and lingo. Try it out... much akin to Beavis and Butthead before it, the kids involved are dumb, but the show itself might just be saying something about youth today.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

1Avoid this Trash!!!  Jun 10, 2014 By DeAnne Nelson
Trash with no redeeming value. Sad that we've made these folks and the Kardashians celebrities because of bad, crass behavior.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

1Why does anyone care about these people?  May 01, 2014 By Fractal "Tattooed, Martial Arts Practicing, Linux Administrating, Time Lord... Math as a hobby... Go figure..."
This is exactly what's wrong with television and possibly indicative of what's wrong with society as a whole. If you watch this please remove yourself from the gene pool immediately. Thank you.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

1no g00d  Feb 14, 2014 By IronLion
was hoping for it to be more entertaining but it was not whatsoever. Thank goodness this was cancelled. thank you

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Good  Jan 17, 2014 By Robert
It's good, the family loves this show. Even though everyone has already seen this season three times. They can't stop.

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