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Jersey Shore: Season 4 (Uncensored)

Jersey Shore: Season 4 (Uncensored)
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Jersey Shore: Season 4 (Uncensored)

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  • TV

  • Run Time: 528

  • Release Date: 4/10/2012


When the cast of Jersey Shore goes to Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance might never be the same. While embracing all that Florence has to offer, they manage to remain true to who they are - with plenty of GTL, fist pumpin' and hair gel -- it's just a little funnier when it's in a foreign country.

Product Details
Format:Multiple Formats, Box set, Color, Full Screen, NTSC
Number of Discs:4
Run Time:739 minutes
DVD Release Date:December 27, 2011
Average Customer Rating: based on 95 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 95 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5so much fun  Mar 02, 2012 By lucysnow "lucysnow1851"
This was definitely my favorite season. Why? We get rid of a lot of the revolving plots that have stretched across many seasons (i.e. Angelina taking up space, Sam and Ronnie breaking up). Florence is the beautiful 9th roommate: we get to see gorgeous architecture, crazy clubs and some delicious looking food and cocktails. The roommates are finally getting along, with a few bumps in the road. *MINOR SPOILERS BELOW*

Interesting bits:
Ron and Sammi are happily flying under the radar.
Vinny and Pauly cant seem to get the girls to come home with them.
Mike is acting like a gossipy old lady with his he said she said plotline.
Snooki is in a committed, normal relationship. Or is she?
Deena is looking for love, boy or girl.
Jwoww goes to bat for her roommates yet again.

I think the family has finally been put back together in this one. I do notice a pattern in seasons 1-3 and 5: the Situation tries to be nice the whole season but in the last episodes turns into a jerk. This season he started out that way and finished that way! My favorite episode is definitely Meatball Mashup! Its a blast in a glass!

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Jersey Shore season 4 review  Feb 01, 2012 By lindsay7
This is complete with special features as well as the Before The Shore special, shown before the first episode of Season 4. Daily outtakes from are also included. There is the reunion and after hours specials. Jersey Shore takes on Italy, what could go wrong? This season is full of the typical drama, except they're in another country. The cast tears up clubs and holds it down in a pizzeria. Best season yet! Well done, MTV!!!

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4Jersey Shore - season 4 - not drama free  Dec 30, 2013 By LouLou
As bad as this show can get sometimes, there's nothing like mindless, crazy entertainment. The drama is always there, never a dull moment. I've watched all seasons of Jersey Shore, it obviously struck a nerve with viewers or else it wouldn't have been popular for several seasons. They are just a bunch of young adults making some good bucks doing reality TV and had a huge amount of fun (and drama) while it lasted.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5own them all  Jun 14, 2013 By Hannah
I own every season of Jersey Shore because I was addicted when it was on. I never missed an episode but it is nice being able to watch without commercials and all of the editing that they have to do with the language and no more waiting until next thursday for the next episode or months for the next season. RECOMMENDED if you are addicted or like the show!

4 of 6 found the following review helpful:

3Good for a laugh, but not much more. More scripted "reality" from MTV.  Dec 10, 2011 By BarryChamplain
I gave Jersey Shore a chance finally. I have watched every episode from this season and the last, the whole way up to present, so this review is not by a "hater" or a "troll", it's by someone who has actually watched the series. Here is my honest take...

Jersey Shore is a mildly entertaining show following the "reality" of a group of young people spending time in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. It's basically just another "The Real World" season but with a new name. The whole thing comes across as scripted. I mean, MTV shows like "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach" are more believable as reality than this show is. I will give the show one major praise. MTV did a great job creating these characters. They clearly make the show watchable, because otherwise, this thing would have been cut in season one.

This season I'm reviewing deals with the group living and "working" in Italy. I found this season far more boring than the seasons at the Shore. Same deal. Drinking, fighting, acting like idiots and acting like they are getting lots of sex.

Want a good description of what the show is really all about when they are a the Shore? The group works at "The Shore Store" T-Shirt shop on the boardwalk in exchange for rent and the right to live and party in their beach house. I often wonder how a minimum wage job could possibly pay for rent, utilities, groceries, drinks every night, club cover charges, designer clothes, tanning, waxing, hair styling, gym membership, laundry service, etc. That is where I call "BS" on this show being reality. Also, this group looks so cheap and sleazy that I have an extremely hard time believing that they have as much random sex as they do. I'm guessing that MTV pays off a lot of these guys and girls to be at the bar or club, come back to the house to be taped in bed on the night vision cam and then they leave. But, if they were really honest about it, the show would not be as popular.

Snooki, Deena, The Situation and Pauly D are the only real characters that do anything. The others just kind of blend in and are compliment characters to the court jesters. Vinny, JWoww and the couple don't do anything but fight or talk in a monotone voice about every situation. The gang gets into some funny and "drama" filled fun on every episode. But it's pure fluff TV at best, nothing of substance or long-term value. This is definitely not an MTV classic.

If you're either really bored or have a lot of time to kill, I'd recommend watching Jersey Shore on DVD. Otherwise, there are far better series', reality and non-reality out there for you to watch.

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