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Starstruck (Fame Game Book 2)

Starstruck (Fame Game Book 2)
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Starstruck (Fame Game Book 2)

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Lauren Conrad, star of the hit MTV reality series The Hills, brings her insider knowledge to Starstruck, the second book in the Fame Game series.
In Starstruck, Madison isn’t getting much screen time on The Fame Game, the reality TV show following three girls trying to become stars in L.A. She’s too busy doing community service after stealing a necklace. Kate, on the other hand, is getting huge amounts of publicity now that one of her songs has become an overnight sensation—and it’s going to her head. And aspiring actress Carmen, the daughter of Hollywood royalty, is finally making a name for herself.
The juicy story from bestselling author Lauren Conrad explores friendship, family, romance, ambition, and fame.

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4Better then the first book!  Oct 27, 2012 By T. L. Crawford "hockeygirl"
In this book, Madison is doing the community service that she has been assigned to do after taking the blame for her dad. She starts to regret her decision when she learns most of the fans on the show have turned against her and how it's a lot harder then she thinks. Kate gets more famous and suffers from stage fright and gets some Xanax to help her out, and (I think) has become too depended and addicted to them and she also falls for Carmen's friend Drew. Carmen is tired of her famous mom always taking her spotlight and making her feel like second fiddle to her no matter what she does and she also starts to get jealous because the two guys (Drew and Luke) really like Kate when she's used to them fawning over her. Plus someone is stabbing Carmen in the back and linking information about her to the tabloids, I think it's her friend Fawn but this was never addressed.
This book was much much better then the first one! I had my doubts about buying this one since I hardly liked the first one at all. All of the characters are more likable, even Madison. At first I didn't like any of them: Madison especially, Carmen just came across as a spoiled brat and Kate was a Mary Sue but this time there was a lot more to each of them and I like all of them except for Madison's sister Sophie. I wish she would go away. One disappointment was we never get to see Gaby's point of view. I've been waiting for it for 5 books (this series and the former LA Candy series) but I still haven't gotten it. Surely there has to be more to her then being a ditzy pill popper, that she is portrayed as here. Hopefully Lauren's next series or book will be mroe about her. I can't wait for the next book! I couldn't put this one down!

4More character driven than The Fame Game  Nov 16, 2012 By AboutToRead
There is something about Conrad's writing that just sucks me into her stories. I am happy to say that Starstruck was just good as The Fame Game and I am impressed with the growth we've seen in Madison's character. There are far less reality TV driven scandals in this series than there were in L.A. Candy, which makes the two series similar, but also very different. While L.A. Candy is very much plot driven, The Fame Game is actually more character driven

My favorite character in The Fame Game was Kate. She was so normal and down-to-earth that I thought she would be very similar to Jane--not so much. We see some definite changes in Kate's character in Starstruck, and unfortunately I can't say they were good changes. Madison, however, continued her growth from her L.A. Candy days.

Madison is by far the most surprising part of this series. Anyone who has read L.A. Candy knows how hateful she was. Would anyone believe she is my favorite character in Starstruck? Making Madison more likable was brilliant and has added so much to Starstuck.

While there was, of course, some level of drama, it didn't feel that scandalous. There were a lot more shocking scenes in L.A. Candy & The Fame Game, but Starstruck felt like it was more about growing up, finding your place, and adjusting to the limelight.

Even though Starstruck doesn't have the same fame-grubbing, camera hogging quality that Lauren Conrad's previous novels have, it is still an enjoyable read. Emphasizing the characters and down playing the drama is a new direction for Conrad's novels, but I have to say that it works well. The next novel, Infamous, is expected to be released in June.

4The In's and Out's of Reality TV  Jan 19, 2014 By Paula L. Phillips "The Phantom Paragrapher"
Reality TV and all it's pros and cons comes as second nature to Lauren Conrad after starring on the hit reality TV show "The Hills". So it's a no wonder that she has released a couple of series featuring girls on reality TV shows. The Fame Game Series is a spin-off from her LA Candy series featuring Madison who came into play in the last LA Candy book. In Starstruck , it seems Madison's fame game is on the way down and she is being publicly flounced for the fraud she is after an expensive necklace that was on borrow to her went walkabouts. What the public don't realise is that Madison didn't steal it , but her father whom Madison is protecting. After being sentenced to community service at an animal shelter , will this help Madison realise who her true friends are and prove to the outside world , that she does have a heart and what they see on the surface isn't necessarily what's inside. Starstruck also does give readers a glimpse of what life in the fast lane and that sometimes being a pawn in the world of The Fame Game isn't always as much as it is cracked up to be as Kate realises her hometown's views have changed towards her and Gaby experiences the downside of pills in LA. Starstruck is a fun teen read who wish to grab a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in reality TV.

2As Gratifying As An Episode of The Hills  Aug 28, 2013 By Emma
Last summer I actually enjoyed the first book of the Fame Games series. It was a good poolside read that required next to no concentration. I had decided I would read the next book and just now got around to it. Honestly, I wasn't missing much. This book really lacked substance and plot. (Two important elements to a good book.) If you enjoyed watching The Hills just to veg out, then you will probably enjoy this book because they are similar in the sense that really nothing happens. I think I'm done reading these books. Well, until I find myself wanting another poolside read, requiring zero concentration.

5PHENOMENAL BOOK, SERIES, and AUTHOR!  Mar 12, 2013 By Teen_Reader
The first book I read by Lauren Conrad was L.A. Candy. Immediately after I finished L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies was already in my hands, and Sugar an Spice followed right after. I loved the L.A. Candy series so much. When I saw that Lauren Conrad made another series off of L.A. Candy and I was thrilled. The Fame game did not disappoint. Neither did Starstruck. I highly suggest you read every single one of these books, cover to cover. You won't regret it! ;)

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