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Teen Mom: Season 1

Teen Mom: Season 1
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Teen Mom: Season 1

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In 16 and Pregnant, they were moms-to-be. Now, follow Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn as they face the challenges of their first year of motherhood.

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Product Details
Actors:Farrah, Maci, Amber, Catelynn
Number of Discs:3
Run Time:461 minutes
DVD Release Date:June 20, 2013
Average Customer Rating: based on 74 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 74 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Advice to all of the girls  Sep 02, 2011 By gclaheh
This is a really good reality show about teen moms and their struggles to raise their infants. It isn't what I thought it would be because I thought that it would be the camera following the girls around while they are taking care of their children. (I guess that doesn't make good TV). It is really about their interactions with their families and fathers of their children.

I am a married woman in my thirties who has a full time job who has a daughter the same age as their kids. Compared to them, my life has much less drama. My daughter has stayed in the same house, went to the same preschool, and her dad and I are married to each other and live together. She has a lot more stability than the teen moms kids.

I can't help but feel for these girls and sometimes forget how young they are. I think that if I were in their shoes, I would probably stay dependent on my parents even now. If I were financially independent, I would not have a great paying job and my career options would be limited because I wouldn't get my college degree. My child wouldn't have much stability too.

For Maci, I would advise her to try and communicate better with Ryan, her son's dad. I would also advise her to not get a four year degree because it is no gaurantee for a good paying job. She should try to start her own business or work at a minimum wage job and work her way up. Or take that truck driving job that Ryan didn't want.

For Amber, I would advise her to try to accomplish something in her life. Get that GED!!! Volunteer for something you are interested in. Be the best mommy you can be to your daughter. Positive action would make her feel better about her life and herself.

For Catelynn, I think that she is the most mature teen mom. I know in my heart that she will realize that she made the best decision for her child. I hope that she takes the opportunity to pursue her dreams and gets whatever she wants in life.

For Farrah, I saw a lot of growth and maturity in season 1. It is hard to for young women to let go of the dream of finding a partner. Many women much older than her can't accept that. I would advise her to finish cooking school and to get an entry level job and learn everything she can. Of course try to be the best mom she can be to her daughter.

I wonder what will happen to the children of these teen moms. It seems like there is a lot of drama in these children's lives because of their parents and it is hard to say how they will be affected. I hope that they choose not to feel sorry for themselves and try to live the best lives that they can. All of these kids have the blessing that there is at least someone in their lives who cares about them and I hope that it is enough to overcome the obstacles that they will face in the future.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5A cautionary tale for today's teens  Aug 24, 2012 By Sandra Matsunaga
Many claim this show glamorizes teen pregnancy, but perhaps the people who say that haven't actually watched the show. Or perhaps their lives are so miserable that Teen Mom actually does look like a step up. If you ask me, however, raising a child by yourself (as is the case for most of these teen moms), struggling to finish high school let alone attempt college, becoming addicted to drugs (like Farrah apparently did according to her new auto-biography) or clinically depressed and suicidal (in the case of Amber) doesn't sound "glamorous" at all to me! This show makes me feel happy that I didn't end up like these girls. You couldn't pay me enough to want to live their lives, and if they do get paid 60k a year, it's not enough to make up for all the suffering they'll have to endure thanks to their decision to have unprotected sex at a young age. Fighting with some "baby daddy" (as in the case of Maci) all the time looks like a nightmare. Or losing custody of your own child and rarely being able to even see her (like Amber) doesn't sound like anything I'd want to aspire to either. Clearly the people who think this show "glamorizes teen pregnancy" and "encourages impressionable teens" don't have very high standards for their own lives to begin with, or none of this would look even slightly appealing.

And the statistics don't lie either. Teen pregnancy in the U.S. is the lowest its been in years and that number has consistently declined since this show started airing. If Teen Mom was making so many teens rush to follow in the footsteps of the cast, then the national numbers would be going up to reflect that.

All-in-all, this is a great reality show to watch if you like reality programming. The cast is interesting and the conflicts are frequent, after all, raising a baby when you're still just in high school is no picnic and I believe that is accurately demonstrated on this show despite what others claim. I'd recommend this for anyone who likes watching reality T.V., watching shows about babies or or for teens who are ready for a cautionary tale about what NOT to do.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Teen Mom volume 1  Jan 29, 2014 By Mary paushel
If you like this series it is a good buy. I love being able to watch what I want when I want and not loading up my dvr. No commercials and the video and audio quality is excellent. A great buy in my book.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Oops, episode 4 is actually from Teen Mom 2  Jun 09, 2013 By Bextra
Hey Amazon, please fix this issue. See how episode 4 is from 2011? It's actually from Teen Mom 2, a show staring 4 different women. Please replace it with the right episode!

4Another tool in a parent's tool belt  May 16, 2014 By PenroseTribar
My 12-year-old asked to see this series. She's at that stage in puberty where everything grown up looks so easy, especially starting a family and raising a kid. ::eye roll:: Couple of episodes in, with me reinforcing/repeating life lesson discussions we've had before, are causing it to really sink in that, indeed, this is one of the worst mistakes a teen girl can make, one that will ruin her life. What's impressed my daughter is just what I'd hoped: pregnancy and childbirth suck, that it screws up school and college and any chance of a decent future, that each of the teen girls and their families are a buffet of dysfunction and chaos, that few of the teens have jobs and thus continue live with their parents, and the the baby daddy boyfriends are total losers who assisted in making these girls' lives a nightmare by simply refusing to wear a condom. This was not what my daughter expected … heh, heh. She thought it was going to be about teen girls gaining their independence, when it is essentially an extended prison sentence. Welcome to Life 101.

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