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The City: Season 2

The City: Season 2
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The City: Season 2

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This season on The City, Whitney, Roxy, Olivia and Erin will learn that in New York City, climbing your way to the top means doing it alongside both friends and enemies.

Whitney gets a last-minute chance of a lifetime -- a show at New York Fashion Week. After the chaos and fanfare subsides, Whitney has more than ever to do to prove herself as a designer. First up is creating a new line for the new season, and learning from Kelly Cutrone how to promote herself and her brand. She's still got Roxy in her corner, and Roxy owes her, both for a place to crash and the job at People's Revolution. But Roxy is learning that she's too strong-minded to live in Whitney's shadow.

At ELLE Magazine, Olivia and Erin are tasked by Joe Zee to find some way to get along. However, their competition is far from over as Olivia is offered an on-camera job by Joe. But Erin is at the top of her game, and sees through Olivia now more than ever.

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Product Details
Actors:Whitney Port, Olivia Palermo, Roxy Olin, Erin Kaplan
Number of Discs:3
Studio:MTV Networks
Run Time:110 minutes
DVD Release Date:July 30, 2010
Average Customer Rating: based on 22 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 22 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

4The second season of the City shows the series potential.  Oct 29, 2010 By BarryChamplain
I'll admit, I was skeptical of the decision that MTV made to give Whitney Port her own spin-off series from The Hills. The first season was extremely bland and boring. Basically Whitney moves to New York and starts working and dating a loser "musician" with an accent. He is just as bland and boring as Whitney. I wasn't sure if the series would be renewed for a second season, but it was and it's a good thing because this series is really getting good.

There are actually good and entertaining story lines and cast members in season 2. Whitney works at People's Revolution all while being mentored by Kelly Cutrone and starting her own clothing line. Whitney's former co-worker Olivia works at Vogue Magazine and is challenged by her role as "web cast interview chick". Conflicts with co-workers and her too forgiving boss arise making her storyline just as entertaining as Whitney's. Olivia's co-worker and enemy Erin breaks out as a strong third main cast member in the series.

The City is less about scripted "drama" and pointless scenes in clubs where people spat about relationships. It's more about young women working towards achieving their goals in the fashion world. Hopefully the series continues and gets better now that the train wreck known as the last two seasons of The Hills has ended.

I have an easier time believing this series than The Hills due to the fact that you can actually see that these girls are working and doing what they do on the show. Hopefully MTV doesn't wreck this show.

2Mtv's The City: Season 1 Is Better  Apr 23, 2013 By HereWeGo
Now if your a fan of original season which started out with whitney port leaving sunny L.A. to go out to start a new life in the fashion capital of the world and start a fashion career at Diane Von Furstenberg and find a new boyfriend almost instantly which was Jay if i'm not mistaken and making a whole lot of new friend's erin, ally, and maybe a girl named samantha idk i forgot and a somewhat arch rival olivia although did not start out that way originally, well anyway season 1 was great but then by the start of season 2 what the hell happened a whole new make over happens whitney has a new workplace to work at while still maintaining a work friendship with kelly, hooks up with a couple of guys here and there after her break up with jay and the worst part is yet come all of her friends from season 1 were missing and brings in a new friend "Roxy" which is kinda crazy yet fun to kick it with and a couple of extra characters appear namely manager joe, and another girl named erin who seems to a have it out for olivia which i can see is somewhat justifiable
I'm pretty sure that the season 2 quality of the dvd is fine but for the season itself let's leave it at that it was god awful, season 2 of the city is one of the reasons why society is messed up today all that arguing and bickering was a very petty move for this show to follow and slowly drifted into mediocrity and was rarely about whitney finding herself in the fashion world and loving what she did and did not even stop until when whitney lost contact with kelly and stopped working and being friends with her, lost her friend roxy who moved away then later was left on her own, to a new job position with some blonde in a pink dress and ended there - overall worst season, the first season is better

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Fans of The Hills may like this too!  Aug 01, 2013 By David Ledferd "David Ledferd"
As you finish the first season you may now begin to form relationships with Erin, Olivia and Joe Zee. Learning about the back scenes of Elle magazine was interesting and I have seen these people on Rachel Zoe and other fashion shows. Very cool.

5The City: Season 2  Oct 05, 2012 By SPA obsessed "Kitty"
This seasons cuts out the tiring drama between the models in season 1.
Theres plenty more of Elle magazines Erin, Joe & Olivia, however the focus very much stays on Whitney.
The show remains just as career inspiring as the 1st season while teaching the realities of the world.
Whitney starts being mean at the end of the season. I wasn't surprised since she blew off that nice model guy at the club in Season 1. Whitney also ignored the nice photographer at her photo shoot. Roxy became humble & sweet over time, cocky attitude out the window. Nice people stay around if they are useful to her, then buh, bye! However in Season 2 she stops trying to please people who treat her bad & lets them have it!

Season 2 leaves you hanging. I was left wanting to know what became of the characters & what became of Whitney Eve, Whitneys business.
Erin from Elle is great & holds the viewers attention. She could have a show of her own.

I wish there was a season 3, if it was ever filmed please get it on dvd!

4more entertaining than I'd like to admit...  Mar 29, 2015 By Mylz
Expect more enticing drama here, in the second season. Gone are the days of Whitney's flaky friend Erin and Olivia's toady cousin Nevin. If you were a fan of Jay, you can rest assured knowing that he'll make a few more appearances. This season welcomes Roxy, Whitney's feisty new sidekick at People's Revolution. Roxy enjoys pushing the limits while boss Kelly Cutrone tries to tame her with an iron-fisted tongue. Also new to "The City" are two key figures of Elle magazine: editor Joe Zee and head of publicity, Erin Kaplan. Joe Zee may be one of the head honchos at Elle, but his better judgment is compromised when he ushers in Olivia Palermo. Luckily, Olivia's personable, pleasant facade is not lost on Erin Kaplan. She understands that Olivia possesses a fair amount of fashion value, but knows she is not worth her weight in Manolos. And so, the head-butting begins.... Meanwhile, Whitney dreams of creating her own fashion line. With the help of Kelly and Roxy, she hopes to make those dreams a reality.

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