The Hard Times of RJ Berger




The Hard Times of RJ Berger


The Hard Times of RJ Berger: Season 1

The Hard Times of RJ Berger: Season 1
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The Hard Times of RJ Berger: Season 1

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The Hard Times of RJ Berger orbits the hilariously-hellish lives of a deeply unpopular 15 year-old (Paul Iacono) and his scheming, sex-obsessed best friend, Miles Jenner (Jareb Dauplaise). Other than pining after the girl of his dreams, Jenny Swanson (Amber Lancaster), receiving daily beatings from the meanest jock in school, Max Owens (Jayson Blair), and evading the stalker-ish advances of Lily Miran (Kara Taitz), there really isn't much excitement in RJ's life. That is, until his anatomical gift is accidentally exposed to the entire school.

In a single moment, RJ goes from anonymous to infamous, and for the first time in his life, he feels a tiny sliver of confidence. Swept up in this man-sized wave of recognition, we'll watch RJ claw his way out of the popularity basement. Whether it's trying to get laid, dealing with his bizarre parents, or simply navigating the treacherous waters of sophomore year, RJ will live out the stories -- good, bad and ugly -- that we all remember from high school. One mis-adventure at a time, we'll see him grow from a shy, awkward boy into a slightly less shy and awkward young man.

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Product Details
Actors:Paul Iacono, Jareb Dauplaise, Amber Lancaster, Jayson Blair, Kara Taitz
Number of Discs:2
Run Time:264 minutes
DVD Release Date:June 20, 2013
Average Customer Rating: based on 34 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 34 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5The only show worth watching on MTV  Apr 23, 2011 By Jack Pacini "MasterMage"
My friend told me about this show and it sounded like it was decent. So, based upon his high recommendation, I got this DVD from Amazon, and I was NOT Disappointed!

First thing is that this is a burn-to-order DVD like others have said, but you could have fooled me! The DVD is a sliver DVD, not a purple DVD-R, with the label painted on, no sticker!

Second the series is hilarious!!!! It reminds me of my High School days more than most teen comedies, as the characters are very believable and the humor is very funny but not over the top zany like say 'American Pie'. (Don't get me wrong, I love 'AP' too!)

Third I was not expecting RJ to be wielding that "third leg" of his, and for the whole school to have seen it! The pilot episode had me hooked for that, and I expect that he will start to be less of a geek because of it too, as the series continues and he starts using it more! :-P

Now on to my fourth point, and it's my only complaint. It's still censored which isn't a very big deal as I think the pilot episode is the only one with language that needed bleeping. Still it would have been nice uncensored.

Final I'm very grateful that they are making this available to the fans, and wish more companies would do burn-to-order too! (I'm still waiting for 'King of the Hill' Seasons 7-13, FOX!)
And for the first time in over a decade I have a reason to watch "M"TV!

9 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Absolutely brilliant  Sep 17, 2010 By dontkickthebaby
This is the most realistic TV portrayal of American family life ever made. All the adults in RJ's life are perfect role models. His father shows up to the high school car-wash fundraiser just to point his camera at all the dripping-wet hot chicks. RJ's mother is an absolute doll. She catches him jacking off in bed, realizes what she has done and politely excuses herself. That night at the dinner table, she tells the other couple -- she and her husband are unapologetic swingers -- how cute RJ was when she caught him masturbating that morning. His school guidance counselor advises RJ to grab his dream girl on the rebound and "hump the bejesus out of her." His boss, Mrs. Robbins, seduces him. The two are caught in bed by Mr. Robbins who explodes in a fit of anger. When RJ tries to interrupt and explain himself, Mr. Robbins screams, "Don't you say a word ... ... and ruin this perfect moment." He then proceeds to strip down and jump into bed with his wife and the high-school boy she is seducing. Yes, the show is twisted.

All RJ wants is the girl his guidance counselor told him to "hump the bejesus out of." But not really; he wants her to want him for who he is. Twisted, but in the sweetest way you could ever imagine.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Too bad it had to end  Feb 12, 2012 By Person who use to love his amazon
When I finally got to get into this series, I was expecting some type of typical teen comedy. Boy was I wrong.

I seek out comedy shows on TV than I do other types of shows and I had to give this a try since I heard great things about it and I was very surprised that such a show could come from MTV. To make my first point, this shouldn't have been on MTV at all. This is the *wrong* station for such a show given that the majority, which is around 90% of MTV, of the shows on MTV are "reality" TV shows, and no music, where animated shows and scripted shows should NOT be on. There hasn't been anything good from MTV in the last 15 years, but this show shined and won me over for all the right reasons.

To start out, it's a older teen show which caters to the teens who do nothing but talk about love and sex, but in a comedy format. (Bunch of sexual jokes/innuendo...)

In a nutshell about what the show is, it's about our protagonist, R.J. and him being the loser at the school and the punching bag for the basketball jocks. During a basketball game, I won't spoil why he was on the team, his shorts fell in front of everyone after a big game against a rival school. Little did everyone know, R.J. has, to be blunt, a larger than average penis that shocked everyone at the school. The series has a large variety of animated shorts that tell the story of certain parts in the show that add to the already funny story. Many will be surprised at the quality of work the animation team(s?) did for this series. That's just the start of the crazy events following him and his friends throughout the series.

In all, I just want to say that I'm very shocked that it had to be canceled after the two seasons. The only reason why it was canned is because, yes, again with this, it was on MTV. A station where the majority of people avoid because it has such a horrible line-up of shows, if you can even call some that. I would love to see this show come back on another network that's not run by MTV productions. A network like IFC or FX is where this show would have won over more people.

5"Hard Times" is a Fantastic Series  Feb 04, 2016 By Ash
I absolutely loved the series from MTV and was sad when it was cancelled only after the second season. So after seeing season 1 on sale, I had to buy it. Upon receiving the disc set, I was upset the disc was scratched and the inside plastic was cracked so one of the discs wouldn't stay in place. I contacted Amazon and they sent a replacement immediately. The new one arrived within three days, before I sent the damaged one back! I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the issue was taken care of and the whole return process was flawless.

The show itself is a raunchy comedy with dramatic undertones, as a well-endowed and nerdy teenage boy tries to make it through high school. When an incident occurs exposing his secret, he becomes desired, rejected, and the joke of his high school's population. This series is the male equivalent of MTV's Awkward, which stars an awkward teenager who becomes known to her peers after a misunderstood accident happens. Both series feature an awkward teen, inappropriate best friends, a terrible guidance counselor, and an event that skyrockets the awkward teen to popularity. Each series is really great regardless if Awkward came out after The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

5Funny stuff  Jun 11, 2010 By Core
Some of ep2, pilot, got a little weird... when RJ's parents were talking to there friends at the dinner table... little awkward.

For the most part though, freaking hilarious. Especially when his pants fell down. I thought it was going to be cliche, but it was all turned on its head.

If you want to laugh. Watch this.

It'd be nice to see the main character grow as an individual and gain some bravery and put on some muscle as well as loose some of the dorkyness... but that probably will not happen.

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