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The Inbetweeners: Season 1

The Inbetweeners: Season 1
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The Inbetweeners: Season 1

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  • Actors: Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman, Mark L. Young, Alex Frnka, Brett Gelman, Avery Camp, Marie Avgeropoulos

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Run Time: 264 minutes/2 Disc Final Format: DVD- NTSC Year: 2013

  • This Disc is formatted for all Regions and has CSS Copyright Protection (will not play in some laptops)

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (widescreen) Audio:


Will, Simon, Jay and Neil aren't losers. They aren't popular either. Not yet. They exist somewhere in the middle. Just four friends plotting a course through the awkward and often humiliating journey of being a teenager. Finding strength in their shared shortcomings... mostly by mocking each other. Because that's what friends are for.

Based on the hit British series, The Inbetweeners is a show about the days you never forget. An authentic peek at a group of teenagers charging into adulthood the way we all do... by taking one step forward and three steps back.

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Product Details
Actors:Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman, Mark L. Young, Alex Frnka
Director:Taika Waititi
Number of Discs:2
Run Time:212 minutes
DVD Release Date:December 21, 2012
Average Customer Rating: based on 19 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.0 ( 19 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

1UK version is good though  Aug 04, 2013 By Shane Simpson
This Americanized series is lame and the actors are not very funny, especially Simon and Will. The original UK version is funny as hell though.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

1No need for an American version  Jan 13, 2014 By Endorser
After watching a few episodes, I could not continue any longer. The show is about the high school days, the thing we, boys, worried about at the time and how we tried to resolve or deal with issues. The Brit version covered that perfectly and humorously, and there was no reason to Americanize the story lines. Everything is in English after all. The same terrible effect would have happened had "Super Bad" been adapted to the UK.
What's worse, everything in this US version is needlessly watered down. The language and the delivery are terrible because you cannot translate things such as "bus wankers" or "briefcase wanker."
The American version simply sucks.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

1MTV censors intellect and crassness that makes this show work.  Nov 19, 2013 By Sam F. Miller
Terrible. The UK version is hilarious. They keep the story lines from the UK version but dumb them down and censor both the intellect and crassness that makes show entertaining and more than a teeny bopper sitcom. Also the American Simon and Will are not terrible, but Jay and Neil are so bad it completely ruins the show. Especially Jay. In the UK version he's grubby but likeable. In the US version the actor that plays Jay is so terrible on so many levels. This show couldn't have translated if it was brought to HBO or Showtime. MTV is pretty much terrible. They tried to make something better but had to compromise for their audience, which kills the show.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

1Lost in translation  Sep 14, 2013 By Padderz
Same scripts but just highlights the difference between british and US humour. Watch the UK version as it is way funnier.

7 of 9 found the following review helpful:

3Copy of the UK program down to the sequence of the scripts!  Sep 05, 2012 By Joseph Kohout Jr. "The Art of War"

A surprising number of US programs emanate from the UK (I.E. Shameless, The Office, Being Human and 3's Company). Sometimes the basic framework of the UK series is "borrowed" and reinvented in the US and other times the US Series is a complete carbon copy of the UK series. The US version of The Inbetweeners is most definitely the latter. In fact I can't remember seeing a US version of a UK series where not only was the plot identical, but the same scripts were utilized in an exact sequence. I have to believe that the R&D budget for the US Inbetweeners was essentially nil!

If you watched the UK series, there will be nothing new here and depending on your memory, you can even forecast the major comedic moments. My other main issue is one that seems to be common to programs offered on MTV. Namely, the use of a bleep button. I suppose that I understand that basic cable in the US does not offer the same latitude as regular programming in the UK, though why repeatedly make use of dialogue that includes words that have to be bleeped out?

While personally, I found the production value to be better on the UK version, for those that have not viewed, The Inbetweeners US is worth a watch, as there are generally a few funny scenes per episode.

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